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Location Management Teams

Sales & Service Team

Quincy / Macomb, Illinois

Name Position
 Casey Hill Sales Manager
 Jevin Morris Sales Manager
John Henninger Service Supervisor


Decatur, Illinois

Name Position
Dave Moran General Manager
Jay Capriotti Sales Manager
Rob Burtnett Sales Manager
Kevin Flynn Sales Manager
Adam Dust Operations/Service Supervisor
Jennifer Mellott  Human Resources


Terre Haute, Indiana

Name Position
Bill Osborn General Manager
Kyle Gossett Sales Manager
Andrew Fisher Sales Manager
Dan Artis Operations Manager
Tommy Smith Service Supervisor
Brittany Lemmon Human Resources


Tallahassee, Florida

Name Position
Scott Cason General Manager
Burnie Parrish Sales Manager
Raymond Barron Sales Manager
Luke Wetherington Sales Manager
Ron Curry Service Supervisor


Burlington, Iowa

Name Position
Tom Elmore General Manager
Bruce Engel Sales Manager
Scott Gilpin Operations Manager
Eric Bundy Service Supervisor


Key West, Florida

Name Position
Jason Murphy General Manager
Barry Bivens Sales Manager
Jimmy Phelps  Service Manager

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